Amanda Spataro-Semenec


Amanda Spataro-Semenec has been involved in the art world for many years.

She has been involved with music, theater, art, photography, video communications, public relations, and television.

At the age of 13 Amanda discovered her passion for photography. At the age of 15 she photographed her first wedding.

While discovering her passion for photography, Amanda pursued her passion for theater and the dramatic arts. She was involved in many theatrical groups and was a participant in forming an improv group located at a coffee shop called the Ashbery's.

For two summers Amanda participated in improv at the Second City located in downtown Chicago. By the Age of 16 Amanda discovered her passion for music, she learned how to play the harmonica by sneaking into blues clubs and with her persistence asked other musicians to teach her. She joined a band called Johnny Boys Band in which she became the lead singer and played the harmonica instrament followed by the tamborine, and bongos ( not all at once).

People also spotted her downtown playing the drums on buckets and bottle just for fun down by navy pier. Although her life was very hectic, everyone always noticed her with a camera at hand or around her neck, she photographed everything in sight and had a passion for film photography.

As her music career came to a halt, her music photography flourished. As more and more bands offered her jobs to photograph concerts and cd demo covers, she decided to go to Columbia College to master the photography field. While attending Columbia College, Amanda worked in the darkroom and as a intern for Judge Mathis Show being a production assistant.

With that position led her to the field of event coordinator at NBC News, and as a PR personnel and Photographer for the televsion late night show 24/7 Chicago.

For the past five years, Amanda did a photo documentary on over the road truck drivers. She traveled with truckers throughout the states and documented everything in the life of a trucker and the culture that it is. Her book called "Life on the Road: The Explicit Look At The World of Truckers" is now published and is able to be purchased online at,, or

Amanda is the owner and creator of Specks Photography. She dedicates this business to her family, and named the business specks after her Grandfather in which that was his nickname.